Belts as they are. Accessories as they will appear on runways and in store windows. The first time we see one of our small leather masterpieces always fills us with tremendous emotion.

Feeling prototypes, imagining the definitive final touches and variations that may be made, and getting a taste of them on runways and in showrooms with their prestigious brand partner logos are undeniably exciting parts of our everyday work.

Each time we create a sample, we craft it with the utmost attention to detail and to the very best of our abilities, with absolute certainty that our clients will be totally satisfied. This is particularly thanks to precise execution, with everything carried out in our production facility by our staff, with the use of very modern laser-prototyping tools, combined with the smaller scale artisan processes that we are known for.
In each case, we guarantee very quick processing times.


Prototype: the first real model

Quick time frames and fixed costs