We remain proud artisans at heart, even though we make use of, and innovate with, the most current technology each day. We organise and carry out smaller-scale productions with only a few hundred units with the same efficiency as productions with thousands of belts.

During the material stages of our leather accessories being created, we feel somewhat like artists. Because the end result must always be perfect: with each detail corresponding to a specific design and project, and perfect execution, even in those quirky little irregularities that showcase various hand-crafted touches.

We effectively combine the traditional approaches that define us with the high pace and numbers required by advanced industrial processes thanks to our proven and precise organisation, developed through decades of everyday commitment, further strengthened by automated cutting processes that optimise time frames, consumption and material management for clients. Our exceptional team works with dedication and love, right up until orders are packed and shipped. We always guarantee the utmost discretion for our products.



100% Made in Italy