To ensure accurate, cost-effective and well organised production, you need to manage materials carefully. This starts with supply. This is one of the many lessons learned from decades of collaborations with both large and small brands and companies.
We at Veneta Cinture offer a wealth of experience, networks and capabilities—gained throughout our long adventure—to achieve this aim.

In selecting, supplying and using leathers and other high-quality materials to create your belts: we guarantee strong relationships with the very best Italian and international producers. These are companies that are able to showcase relevant sector certifications and that often opt for manufacturing processes aimed at maximum sustainability and safety, such as chrome-free and plant tanning for leather materials, nickel-free galvanic finishes and processes—or with low lead content—for buckles, and adhesives with low-impact solvents.

Evaluation, selection, purchase: we carry these out with care, flexibility, and based on service that is aimed at total client satisfaction, with minimum quantities used, in line with our agreements or the specific nature of a project. We pay the utmost attention to ensure that the decisions that we make mean that our products match and correspond with a brand’s accessory collections.

In a step that is essential when it comes to reaching the market, we do everything we can to pave the way for those who put their trust in us.



Certified chosen network

Adherence to brand lines